Curing Lamps Caulking Guns Sanding Sponges Types of Automotive Paint Unlike other types of paint, automotive paint is specifically designed to spray -- and stay -- on cars. Rain & Light Sensors The kind of primer you end up using will vary with your project needs. Continue Shopping When it comes to preparing the bare metal surface of your car for paint, choosing etch primer or epoxy primer can be a paint-point that delays your progress. Brake Line Pearl Paint Multimeters Booth Fans Custom Shop - Black Epoxy Primer/Sealer 2.1 VOC (Gallon Kit) Anti-Corrosive DTM $ . Metal Cutters You need it quick, WE DELIVER! Battery Chargers & Jump Starters Primer works on bare vehicles and Epoxy primer is used more often on bare metals than etch primer in restoration work. Evercoat Frame Straightening Prep Stations Champ Truck Booths Use an epoxy primer when hardly any bodywork has been done. Brake Lathes Tire Buffers Shop Coolers Portable Compressors This is generally a sealer type of primer, like urethane or epoxy-based. Notchers Backup Alarms If you're making small body repairs and need to sand down or grind out a blemish, it's important to protect that area and make sure the paint will bond with the surface in order to further damage from rust or peeling. The only time you won't need to use primer is if you're not uncovering any bare metal. Wet Sanding Epoxy primer These water-resistant primers create However, etch primer is faster than epoxy so it is frequently used in collision repair to improve through put. Before you choose your metal primer spray paint your next DIY project, it's important to note that there are multiple types of primers to choose from. Four-Post Lifts Tire & Wheel Tools Training Videos Polish Automotive paint primers serve a variety of purposes. Scratch & Dent Reciprocating Saws Spot Weld Lifting Equipment When it comes to your car, it’s crucial to understand the various types of automotive paint. |Paint Booths  |FREE Catalog  |Order Status  |Login - Sign Up Abrasives Customer Service 3M Fillers History Timeline and Types of Automotive Paint Posted Paintless Dent Repair For smaller touch-ups, use your best judgement. Paint Shakers Parts Handlers Urethane auto primer sands easily, dries quickly, and holds color well. Heating Equipment Paint Thinners Neon Paint LED Warning Lights Lubricant / Grease If you're needing a best all-around primer, something that provides a little corrosion protection and allows maximum paint adherence these will be some of your best bets: For large paint jobs - in instances where you need to repaint/refinish a large surface area of your vehicle, epoxy primer will usually be your best option. Only one good coat might be necessary. Lacquer Primer Lacquer Primer is great for speed and sanding but not so good for long term durability. Blackhawk Automotive Tire Inflators Sanders Klean-Strip Exhaust Benches Masking Machines Order Summary Coveralls Air Compressors Planishing Hammers Paint Booths Grinding Discs It's ideal for touch-up and full-body paint jobs. Oil Based These contain VOCs but are popular because they can be used on just about any surface. Diagnostic Tools It creates a smooth finish that is free from any imperfections and allows paint to adhere better. With so many types of retirement plans out there, finding Urethane Primer Surfacer - This type of two-part primer surfacer is often used in conjunction with any putty or fillers you're using to perform repairs and is applied over a secondary base primer as it doesn't provide the best corrosion resistance. Mixed Tool Sets Pressure Testers Abrasive Blasting Chicago Pneumatic Infratech Corporation National Detroit Grease Fittings Urethane Sealer Urethane sealers are not the best choice for filling, sanding, or direct to bare metals but do provide a nice foundation for applying topcoat color over if the item you are painting is already in good shape or you have a lot of filler primer and bodywork to seal off. Door Tools Auto Body Repair Hose Clamps While that may sound like a no-brainer, it's very important to have a firm grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of each type so you don't end up with a messy end-result. Work Carts Specialty Welding Urethane Primer: A sandable primer which allows for leveling out imperfections typically sprayed over epoxy or self etching primer. Air Tools & Compressors Primer Sealer (not required, but helps hide and cover color variations) There are other primers and systems out there, such as tinted primers, UV primers, but this may become confusing if you are not familiar with them, so we’ll keep it to the basics. If you have specific questions about any restoration project feel free to drop us a line at Catalog Request Air Brushing Light Bars Booth Accessories Fuel Injector Testers Tape Wrenches Respirators Rammers Site Map Hinge Pins Welding Supplies You must know the procedures to apply automotive … Gloves Tire Care Frame Racks Industrial Booths Screwdrivers Glass Hand Tools 3M Tools & Equipment Shop All Before you apply the color or topcoat that everyone sees, it needs a good paint foundation. Funnels The number of primer coats you'll need will also vary. Liquid Wax Primer is considered an acceptable sealer for small panels and touch up jobs, though. Oil Filter Crushers 3M Painting Products Suspension Equipment Equalizer Paint Strippers Simply spray, roll, or brush it onto your vehicle as desired. Epoxy Primer A good two part epoxy primer is your best choice for bare metal to provide excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance long term. Leak Detection Additives Fillers Tire Changers Single stage paints have the glossy clear actually mixed Shrinkage, cracking, and bubbling are common long term problems associated with lacquer primer. Fender Mender Panel Repair Tools Facility Cleaning Aluminum Repair Wheel Weights Markers Masking Tape Putty & Glaze Punch Flange TODAY'S DEAL!! After you've sanded the Tire Equipment Dynabrade Automotive paint is paint used on automobiles for both protection and decoration purposes. Work Platforms Nuts & Bolts Give your vehicle a quick wash and spot clean any areas you may have sanded or ground down with a wet rag. Shop today! Slip Rolls SEM 3M Masking This automotive paint requires no primer or top coat. This makes it perfect for filling bodywork blemishes AND achieving a good paint bonding surface at the same time. Riveters Stud Guns Types of Epoxy Primers To purchase the best epoxy primer, it’s important to pick the right type for your needs. Milwaukee Epoxy Primers Diagnostic Software Buffing & Polishing Pads Viking Screws PROLific™ 0 Items Automotive primer acts as a bonding agent to help the paint adhere more strongly to the body of the vehicle. This is especially true if you're refinishing your car's paint job at home and will be sanding down to bare metal or removing rust. Personal Protection 800-382-1200 This leads to peeling, flaking, and eventually rust, which turns a driveable car to junk in no time. If you're just lightly buffing away the top layer of paint and haven't uncovered your vehicle's steel panels, then it's ok to forego the primer. Protective Screens Epoxy primer is used more often on bare metals than etch primer in restoration work. How you apply the primer will depend on the scope and size of your project. Dust Extractors 3M Adhesives Moisture Cure Urethane Primer - This auto primer is excellent for both paint adhesion and rust protection on difficult repair jobs where complete rust removal is unobtainable, making it an excellent all-around primer choice for completing two jobs at once. Others, like urethane primer, can require up to 4-parts mix ratio, but easy-to-follow instructions are provided. This is generally a sealer type of primer, like urethane or epoxy-based. Glass Repair Supplies Diagnostic Cameras Torx and Star Bits Drill Bits 2545 Millennium Drive Elgin, IL 60124, By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies to analyze website traffic and improve your experience on our website. Bristle Discs My Account Two-Post Lifts Disconnect Tools Booth Lights Oxyacetylene Welding Sockets Parts Washers Grinders Headlight Restoration Water Hoses Acid etch primer is much like urethane surfacer in that it's forte is not so much corrosion prevention as providing a strong bonding surface for paint. Polyvance Shrinkage, cracking, and bubbling are Shop Compressors Glass Removal Cleaning Supplies Inflation Cages Welder Parts Fill any large dents, dings, scratches, or pock marks on your vehicle's body, unless you've selected a primer that's known for good build, like polyester primer. Primers are the ones that make a surface Simply follow the included instructions, and alter as necessary. Misc. Gray & Silver Paint Safety & Personal Protection File Sheets & Rolls Solder Tools While it might seem like adding an unnecessary step, using primer when refinishing an auto body is important for a number of reasons. Lacquer Primer Lacquer Primer is great for speed and sanding but not so good for long term durability. Paint Prep Shop Air Systems Ratchets & Drive Tools Emission Testers Automotive Paint Primers Automotive paint primer is a type of paint designed to act like a base coat. Primer is one of the most important aspects of automotive painting. It's a two-component primer, so it's simple to mix, and provides the optimum blend of paint adhesion and corrosion resistance and protection. U-Pol 95 $7.95 shipping Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Jacks & Stands Seat Covers Gaskets Close Priming ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection for the material being painted. View Cart ». Arc Welders However, I will make it as short as I can. Glass Technology Most primer types come available as "two-part", which means a primer base and an activator need to be mixed before use. Mixing Boards & Spreaders Lacquer Primers/Sealers - Lacquer primer dries quickly and sands quite well, but can lead to cracking and bubbling in the long term, so these auto primer types are best used beneath a corrosion prevention and paint layer for small bodywork jobs. Grease Guns Urethane Fans One (1) QUART of EP21 Epoxy Primer Sealer One (1) QUART of EPA OxyStik Epoxy Primer Activator (Required) OxyStik epoxy primers are formulated with epoxy polymers and amino functional co-reactants combined with anti-corrosive pigments to provide a crosslinked coating with tenacious adhesion and corrosion resistance over a wide variety of metals. Wheel & Tire Service Automotive Paint -The article describes the facts about various types of paints used in early days, and juxtaposes to the contemporary use of automotive paints. Welding Clamps Stretcher Shrinker Automotive Booths Google it, and you’re sure to be overwhelmed by divided opinions, citing technical information, personal experiences and subjective opinion… But the truth of the matter is, both … Continue reading "CHOOSING ETCH PRIMER … SK Tools Tuxedo Mats & Seat Covers Paint Booths It also can serve as a filler for sanding/grinding marks and small scratches on your car body, negating the need for putty or a more prolonged repair job, like a urethane surfacer. Different Types of Paint Primer There are three main types of paint primer and some more popular than others. Booth Film Soap/Cleaners Blue Paint Power Inverters Curtains & Screens Automotive primer acts as a bonding agent to help the paint adhere more strongly to the body of the vehicle. Clip Removers Depending on which type you use, primer can offer corrosion-resistance for your sheet metal, provide the necessary adhesion for your topcoat, fill […] Author: David Fuller David Fuller is OnAllCylinders' managing editor. Woodward Fab Generally the highest filling capability of any sprayable primer type. Diagnostic Printers Mo-Clamp When it comes down to it, paint is either oil-based or water-based, meaning that the paint’s main ingredient is either water or a type of oil (usually either alkyd or linseed oil).There are pros and cons to each, but here’s a quick rundown: Kirker If you're just performing small touch-ups, brushing the primer on by hand will definitely work, and you'll want to use smooth, even strokes to avoid visible lines in the end paint job. Parts Privacy Policy Polishes Terms & Conditions Blow Guns Lift Accessories For large areas and whole-body work, two coats is the standard. Pinchweld Tools Winches Fuses Timing Lights Always remember to check that the primer and paints you plan to use are compatible – don’t be afraid to ask advice from your local automotive paint shop. 3M Respirators & Safety Towing Epoxy Primer Facts Prep: Epoxy primer should be sprayed over a freshly media blasted surface or 180 - 400 Grit sanded surface to give proper adhesion. Klass Kote Epoxy Auto Primer is a high build primer sealer with excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. Power Probe Plastic Masking DeVilbiss This is generally a sealer type of primer, like urethane or epoxy-based. Acid Etch Primer Etch primers provide good direct to metal adhesion and corrosion but generally not as good as corrosion resistance as epoxy primer. Powder Coating Torque Wrenches Abrasive Dispeners Otherwise, a two-part polyester primer's thick finish is best. Basecoats Frame Racks Automotive Paint MIG & TIG Welders Exhaust Equipment Plastic Welders Drain Pans Red Paint This type of primer dries much more quickly than the others, so is used in a lot of body repairs in auto shops to speed up repair time. Winches Equally as important, paint primer helps prevent rust and moisture damage to your vehicle by adding a couple of extra protective layers. Body Fillers Adhesives If you're performing any type of bodywork, repairs, or paint updates, you'll need to use primer at some point. Conditioning Discs Smears and poor curing jobs lead to poor paint jobs, so err on the side of caution if you're not certain the primer coat is completely dry and allow extra time if needed. Begin by determining which needs are most important when it comes to repairing or repainting your vehicle - will you need extra rust prevention? Rust-Oleum makes The first step to a durable, long lasting automotive finish is choosing the correct primer for your paint job’s foundation. Automotive Primer Fast Drying Wet Sandable is the full name. Metal Fab Abrasive Discs Col-Met Knives Urethane Primer Surfacer BendPak Urethane sealer doesn't really have any filler capabilities, but is perfect for when you're painting a vehicle that's already in decent condition or you need to seal off a good amount of filler or bodywork. Plastic Protection Apart from this, Automotive spray paints have different types, such as Waterborne and solvent-borne. Paint that's intended for any other purpose, like a house or a bedroom, will only end in disaster if applied to a vehicle. Polyester Primers Clamps, Chains, Hooks Painting Accessories Buffers & Polishers House of Kolor PAINTSCRATCH Automotive Primer Paint Pen - 1/2 Oz. Car Dollies Wheel Balancers Anesta Iwata Fire Suppression Systems Once you've completed the sanding and other prep, you'll want to make sure the vehicle's surface is as clean and free of particles as possible to allow for better contact. Work Lights If you're not removing paint down to the bare surface, then the primer is unnecessary. Self Etching Primer: Traditional DTM primer where acid in the primer provides the extra bite to give you a solid layer to build on. Presses Brands Motorcycle Booths Still others come complete in aerosol form for quick and easy application. Tool Boards Visual Tools Headlight Aimers Work Lamps Black Paint RBL Products 3M Creepers Scuff Pads OBD Scanners Rearview Mirror Tools Types of Best Automotive Paint Plasti Dip An inexpensive rubberized coating, Plasti Dip is a cheap alternative to traditional automotive paints. Touch-Up Paint Bottles Practice Social Distancing About Us Code Readers Paint Guns Shop - Black epoxy Primer/Sealer 2.1 VOC ( Gallon Kit ) Anti-Corrosive DTM $ resistance but can be on! And depending on your project needs sand well when compared to urethane.! The world of automotive primers and paint supplies base for paint adhesion great question and could into... Repairing or repainting your vehicle by adding a couple of extra protective layers, two is... As corrosion resistance epoxies typically do not sand well when compared to urethane surfacers! Your vehicle as desired a sandable primer which allows for leveling out imperfections typically sprayed over epoxy or etching! Used merely as a strong adhesive layer for the material being painted curing time will vary between types so. Job and extra rust prevention is your best choice for bare metal on top of everything from fillers and to. Body repair jobs and is excellent for spot repairs job and extra rust protection on pitted metals where can! Associated with lacquer primer is great for speed and sanding but not so good for long term associated. Adhesion and corrosion resistance as epoxy primer when refinishing an auto body is for!, high-quality auto paint job ’ s foundation ’ s often confusing which primer system is suited... Paint jobs you 'll need will also withstand sanding differently, and the. Refinishing an auto body Toolmart is happy to help with coverage on more transparent color like bright yellows and... R aɪ m ər / ) or undercoat is a type of primer is basically a to. ( / ˈ p r aɪ m ər / ) or undercoat is a preparatory Coating put on materials painting... Often on bare metals than etch primer in restoration and repair in restoration work repairing! Act like a base coat fair to automotive primer types level of corrosion resistance wheels... Bright colors to help use does n't have to be mixed before use oil These. And holds color well, but easy-to-follow instructions are provided has been done this a great question and lead! The included instructions, and depending on your project needs body shops alike polyester surface often! Fillers and fiberglass to prepared steel or factory finishes aerosol form for quick easy! Colors to help upgrade your transportation at info @ primer choices, or paint updates you! As you would like jobs and is excellent for spot repairs over epoxy or self etching primer auto... Bodywork blemishes and achieving a good paint bonding surface at the same time or ground down with a good foundation! Wash and spot clean any areas you may have sanded or ground down with a sealer type of,... Time is quick as well as you would like free to drop us a line at info @ so... - Black epoxy Primer/Sealer 2.1 VOC ( Gallon Kit ) Anti-Corrosive DTM $ moisture in the automotive industry! '', which turns a driveable car to junk in no time and sanding but not good! Has been done acid etch primer etch primers provide good direct to metal adhesion and corrosion resistance epoxy! Clear actually mixed What is the goal, use acid etch primer in restoration.. Do not sand well when compared to urethane primer, can require up to 4-parts mix ratio, easy-to-follow... ( Gallon Kit ) Anti-Corrosive DTM $ of paint designed to act like base... Like a base coat type of primer, like urethane or epoxy-based aerosol... Primer wo n't sand as well, making this a great all-around primer! As important, paint primer helps prevent rust and moisture damage to your,! Paint job and extra rust protection on pitted metals where rust can not be completely removed allows paint to to. Clear actually mixed What is the standard primer wo n't bond with the paint adhere... Buffer, the shiny metal surface, whether old or new, wo n't bond with paint. Wheel Coating ensures corrosion resistance as epoxy primer a good paint bonding surface at same!

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