Delivered To You. We have been in business since 1991, building private, corporate and museum train layouts as well as custom models and building structures. Learn More . We are committed in identifying our clients' skills and then provide them with the services to achieve the goals they seek in building their railroad.    There are primarily two ways we normally do the preplanning stage. All wire are run from the central control panel to operate track loops, decouplers, and switch machines or accessories.The control panel is scratch built by us, using a oak wood frame with a Plexiglas face generally ivory or black in color.                                                    Â. Home. By One of the Hobby’s Leading Craftsman. We construct the bench work with free standing bases using 2x4 and 1x4 spruce lumber. This video features some of the highlights and operations of a professionally built model railroad. TTS customs, Southern California's premier fabrication shop for custom model railroads and miniatures. We also offer a 36” Precision Turntable built by us, sold in our layouts or separately.  The bridges and trestles are made of the specified wood of choice. Track schematics on the control panel are done with different color pin stripping for easy following and identification. Rasch Studios has uploaded 414 photos to Flickr. All of our scenery is built with Geodesic Foam products. We travel to the customers job site. And we can do it all in less time than you may imagine. We are willing to entertain the idea of others that are available.     After the completion of wiring, everything is tested for proper operation and functionality, any needed changes or corrections are made in our shop before moving to the scenery stage.   (#2)  Option is all of the above with any amount of roads, people, houses, buildings, and accessories, with detailed scenery. Custom Model Railroads specializes in the design and manufacture of model train layouts, custom built structures and building kits. Home; Videos; Contact Dan ; Unique and Exceptional Scale Custom Model Railroad Layout Construction & Design Since 1981. The bridges and trestles are made of the specified wood of choice. Also the entrance to the train room, doorways, hallways, stairways, etc.     In doing the track work we use your desired track, which most recent track and switches allow us to use the square footage of bench work more effectively than with (for example) Lionel track. This becomes the blue print that we quote prices and do the actual building from. Apr 28, 2017 - Custom Model Railroads specializes in the design and manufacture of model railroad layouts, model railroad structures and kits. All scratch build structures are fully weathered and detailed and we can even build an entire scene or diorama around your custom structure. Especially areas like freight and passenger yards, and industrial areas. Our incredible N-scale custom railroad layout is loaded with realistic detail! We work closely with our clients to design and develop a personal product created specifically for their needs. Not only is he a good friend (and practically a neighbor), but he brings exquisite craftsmanship to the projects we work on together.   After everything is properly running and functional, we move on to the scenery stage of the layout. or TMCC. Flat places are painted with an earth color and covered with a grass product. From benchwork construction to full detailing, we will provide to you exactly the amount of support you desire. Home Page. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at     After getting the track laid and our feeder wires installed we begin to wire the layout as mentioned generally using a different color for each independent loop. Custom Built Model Railroad Layouts & Bridges. 10 talking about this. Search this site. The color coded wires assist us in tracing wires and also making it easier to assist customers after installation, referring to specific areas. We do recommend Ross and Crutis Hi Rail switches and gargraes track which are the best on the market today and which allows us a larger variety  to create effective areas on the layouts. (#1)  This is what we refer to as “Basic Scenery”. I build custom garden railroads, specializing in amazing, authentic, hand-built wooden trestles. Just Benchwork, #2 Benchwork, track and wiring. Custom Built Model Railroads. Welcome to Custom Model Railroads by Dan! Written evaluation of your own designs or construction issues. We make any style, according to the customer’s preference. With this operation we can create valleys, hills and mountains. Custom Model Railroads specializes in the design and manufacture of scale model railroad train layouts. We specialize in creating the layout you’ve always wanted in nearly any scale or gauge. Model Train Layouts Custom Built. More Info. We can provide anything from a turnkey built and scenicked layout to small, specialized projects, models, and trackwork. Our simulated water falls are made of a silicone product with  quilt batting backing. Rasch Studios has uploaded 414 photos to Flickr. As a one stop shop, I can also design your layout for you. We have our own truck and trailer to haul our layouts, transporting it to your location. Home Page. Model Scenery and Structure will work closely with you to gather information and quantify your expectations for that dream layout. Perfect for any man cave, basement, garage, attic, spare bedroom, office or just about anywhere. We also offer animation scenes and real running water falls.     As we lay track we put feeder wires in at approximately every 6 to 8 feet for the power to the track. We also offer a 36” Precision Turntable built by us, sold in our layouts or separately.  The customer can take pictures and measurements of the room size noting any posts or corners and desires for the layout. After we install and connect everything and touch up scenery, we test run and fine tune everything. Custom Built Model Railroad Layouts & Bridges . Custom-built HO layout features terrific workmanship and ops potential. We understand every client has various specific model railroad skill sets. Our layouts are located in private homes, in business offices, in a children's hospital, and in public areas. Explore Rasch Studios' photos on Flickr. VCHobbies has made model railroading easy! We build complete model railroad layouts, or can help with any aspect of construction. Installation normally takes two to three days depending on the size of the layout. We also manufacture building kits that you can buy and assemble yourself. I always enjoy working with custom model railroad layout builder Rick Fortin. More. Whether you are building a layout on your own and need assistance or want a complete layout built for you we are the company to call. We provide a full range of services, from constructing benchwork foundations, to installing track and wiring, to shaping basic land forms, to complete, museum grade layouts with full detailing and weathering. Contact Us. We then tie those loops into central control panel. Our Vision. We design and build customer model train layouts, any size and any scale. We specialize in creating the layout you’ve always wanted in nearly any scale or gauge. If no wood is specified we make them from white spruce wood. Up and over double track main line, full overhead passenger station, freight yard, engine facility with a motorized indexed turntable and roundhouse and plenty of industrial sidings for lots of switching operations. #3 having benchwork, track and wiring, with scenery either basic or detailed. Unique and Exceptional Scale Custom Model Railroad Layout Construction & Design Since 1981. Services. Model Scenery and Structure offers layout fabrication to any level of completion from ‘track only’ to sophisticated works of art with scenery, structures, signals, lighting, backdrops and the latest in computer controlled operation. We also do repairs and upgrades, full design work, and structure assembly. Whether you only want an operating layout with no scenery, or a fully detailed, museum grade operatng display, we have the skills, know-how, and passion to make it happen to your complete satisfaction. We draw the track plan on the deck and cut the elevated part of the layout. Pricing. We build all different scale model train layouts. We have several different trees available to choose from at an extra cost. The 14 ga. wires are put back together with a quick clip. Average Size Layouts. Rasch Studios has uploaded 414 photos to Flickr. We can create a complete layout for you from scratch or help with your existing projects, working with you every step of the way. We can provide a rotary and on and off switch, which also let you connect two or more loops to run from the same handle or have all separated loops each having its own handle.  Each loop has it’s own volt meter and circuit breaker in case of derailments causing shorts.  We also offer walk around control such as DCS. Now it’s YOUR time! We’ll build it to match your vision, to run reliably, and to look great. Results.        Model Railroad Custom Benchwork,   The process of how to get started with us.Â. This system works well in keeping the voltage at an even level throughout the layout. (#2). We can easily create two to three levels, however the more levels we build the less you will be able to view the bottom level. While we are at the customer’s location we can get input from the customer about what he likes and would like to have incorporated in his layout. Custom model railroading is a life-long passion in creating or recreating memories. These are unique models, each based on a specific, well researched prototype. Basic scenery includes all the mountains, rivers, simulated water falls, hills and valleys with painted surfaces. We also have developed a line of custom designed O Scale model railroad structures, available as fully semi-custom painted limited production finished models, kits and parts.       Track, Switches, Decoupler installation. Model Train Bridges . Look at any photograph of a classification yard and you will be astonished by the wide variety of freight cars in view. Room Size Layouts. Indoor Layouts . I bring the layout to you, set it up, “toss you the keys”, and your dream will be in motion! With that information we come back to the shop and draw a preliminary plan of what we think the customer wants and what we are confident will work and can be built. CUSTOM MODEL RAILROADS by. Model Train Layouts Custom Built. Express Refrigerator Cars : Model. Affordable Model Railroads was founded to provide a cost effective means of providing custom model railroads for those individuals or groups that want to enjoy owning and operating a custom model railroad but do not have the ability, time, patience, knowledge or … In scenery we have two options we can offer. Creators of Dream Model Railroad Layouts. Trees can be pick out and included in the contract price. JAM Creations - Builder of custom model railroad layouts of any size, scale, or era, built on-site or in modular form Junction West Sub - Custom model railroad design, including benchwork, tracklaying, scenery, structures, and detailing; London, Ontario, Canada Designed For You . Crossing Gates and Structures. Consulting. Contact Dan Now!     We prefer (#1) because it is quicker and tends to be much more satisfactory to both parties.                Model Railroad is committed to make your model railroad dream come true. Affordable Model Railroads can erase all of the negative concerns about scratch building custom structures for you and build virtually anything you want ready to place on your railroad and enjoy. About. You’ve been waiting forever. We make hard shell using two part foam being applied to bubble wrap and screen. The grid work and modules are built using 1x4 spruce lumber and 5\8 underlayment grade plywood for the deck of the layout. We’ll build it to match your vision, to run reliably, and to look great. This N scale 3x8 foot layout just about has it all. Then using color coded 14 ga. wire we go around the entire loop and connect to each feeder wire. Learn More. Dan has years of experience constructing amazing dream layouts for all kinds of … Bridges, trestles are custom built by us for our layouts or for individuals wanting just trestles and or bridges only. The Build alone can cost from ‘thousands’ to ‘hundreds of thousands’ of dollars. Prices are quoted on each individual layout. Todd Architectural Models and Layouts fabricates concept, study and presentation models. Learn More. Model railroad design service using cutting edge CAD programs. They are constructed, detailed, and finished to the highest modeling standards. Your project is built in my shop in Maryland. Whether DC or DCC, with or without signalling, in nearly any scale or guage. Option (#1) includes no roads, people or buildings. We also offer a partial amount of the above parts done in accordance of the customers desire. 561-899-7837. We take pictures of the train room and measurements of the room size. We can build any layout you may desire. Navigation. Buy HO Pre-Built Layouts and other model trains from We continue the process until we come up with a suitable plan, which then become the blue print to quote and build from. Custom-Built Wabash Kit : Custom building the rolling stock that brings your layout to life . We can then paint the different areas according to what that area is, rock, slope, or flat places with grass and etc. On this hard shell we have molds to form rocks using a two part resin. 561-899-7837. After we draw the plan we send it to the customer for his approval. Jan 12, 2018 - Explore Rasch Studios' photos on Flickr. Modular Layout Components & Setups. Built For You. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Explore Rasch Studios' photos on Flickr.     We use Z-Stuff switch machines offered with Ross switches or the Tortoise slow moving switch.                                                      Thanks for Your Interest,    Vernon Peachey.          Below you will find the information that takes you step by step, from preplanning to delivery of your custom layout, built in our shop, installed at your desired location. May 30, 2016 - Explore Rasch Studios' photos on Flickr. Books. After the bench work is done we begin the under layment for the track, using a vinyl product. From complete layouts to custom projects. Bridges, trestles are custom built by us for our layouts or for individuals wanting just trestles and or bridges only. Galleries. We take the information given and draw a plan to scale. Custom Built O Scale Model Train Layout Model Railroad Layout Lionel O Gauge Great deals on Other O Scale Model Railroads & Trains. Design. Custom Model Trains & Railroad Layouts, Large Scale Specialists, Restaurant Trains DG Design New York, LLC Get Your Dream Layout Today, Call 845-641-0325. The smaller wires are in plugs for each module and are just plugged back together.     Everything is built in modular form in our shop to the customers desired completion stage, such as #1. The vinyl bed helps to deaden noise and is an attractive product. Your Model Train Superstore. Description. Rasch Studios has uploaded 414 photos to Flickr.     After we have both agreed on a plan and price and a down payment on the bench work has been received, we begin the construction. At Dunham Studios we have set the visual standards all other custom layout builders are judged by; for the last 27 Years we have been the choice of museums, corporate entities, and collectors. If no wood is specified we make them from white spruce wood. Custom built model railroads ranging from partial builds for you to finish yourself to fully complete layouts with scenery and structures. And we can do it all in less time than you may imagine. (#1) . We can create rivers, lakes by dropping down the plywood and using a two part plastic for simulated water. Small Layouts. We will develop a Basic Track Plan and Layout Plan Set that will be is used to fabricate and install your craftsman quality, great looking Model Railroad Layout. (Other colors available) The control panel has all high quality toggles and push button switches. We carefully place the separate modules in your train room and put it all back together. I recently had the chance to visit one of his completed projects built from my design. If you feel you do not have the time to build a model railroad and would rather have experts build it for you, we have an experienced team of layout builders. Allegheny Scale Models is pleased to offer selected O Scale custom built rolling stock models by Master Craftsman George Repenn. This allows us to create the over and under by placing the elevated part on 1x4 vertical risers. He may decide he would like a few changes, so he marks in the desired changes, and sends it back to be redrawn. We offer design services and complete construction to your specifications and dreams.     After we complete everything, we take the modules apart marking all wires carefully. We work in all scales from N to G, and will build any size train layout, briefcase to club size. My own Daniel Smith Family Railroad in Prunedale, California features 940 feet of hand-spiked track, 15 redwood trestles, 2 hand-bored tunnels through native sandstone, and 40 scratch-built structures including 4 mines, an oil derrick, and a saw mill, all designed with the look of the 1880-1900s era. We work with the customer in any way that he would like to do the layout. We are here to provide you with the assistance you need to attain your goals. We also incorporate any switches and decouplers needed in the layout as we lay track. Since our layouts are built in modular form, the measurements assist us in how big each module can be.

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