Wabash Power carries a variety of diesel, steam turbines & power generators for rent/purchase. Plants Inlet System Barrier Filter and Silencer mounted on ancillary skid on the roof of the enclosure. Browse Related - steam turbine, turbine, solar turbine, power turbine, solar gas turbine, ge turbine Some Facts About Us - 1. Turbine and Gear Box warrantied through 2019. Fuel: PUC Quality NG. Gas turbines are a type of internal combustion (IC) engine in which burning of an air-fuel mixture produces hot gases that spin a turbine to produce power. Call Phoenix today to receive a quote for one of our used gas turbines for sale. All Major Brands - Best Prices - Reconditioned and Refurbished Wind Turbines also available under warranty. 449 Hours - Generators . EquipMatching is a marketplace for used, surplus and refurbished equipment, … Atlas 3,000-Watt Wind Turbine Generator Wind energy is the undisputed champion of Wind energy is the undisputed champion of green energy technology. Blade Type: LM 19.1 Browse Generators Equipment. PT6A-6: PT6A-11: PT6A-11AG: PT6A-15: PT6A-15AG: PT6A-20: PT6A-20A: PT6A-21: PT6A-25: PT6A-25A MWT-275-28 Power Zone is a global turbines supplier. Rebuilt in 2012 with new SPICA computer on line control system. GAS TURBINES – Power Equipment for sale. Gen Skid includes Lube oil tank, pumps, filters, start system with AC Direct Drive AC Motor, VFD, Drive Adapter, & Clutch Assembly. Installed in 1989. The model designation of the wind turbine is It is by far the most efficient form of power … Unit is in operation. with PCC panel, filter structure and motorized flue gas diverter valve, stainless steel flue gas chimney. Sufficient power is the key to keeping your operations running smoothly. KCS56 Alternator data: 2.2kW. Have spent months, maybe even years trying to find a buyer that would operate the plant in place, without any success, while the plant’s assets lose value every passing day. Gas turbines can utilize a variety of fuels, including natural gas, fuel oils, and synthetic fuels. Gas Turbines. . Turbine hours: 14652. $26,000. 4. © 2021 Phoenix Equipment Corporation. separately SWT-3.6-120 Which Size Turbine… The plant has GE Frame 6B (type PG6541B) gas turbine with 25,108 operating hours since its last overhaul in 2012. The location is USA. Shut down 2007. Mounted in sound reducing enclosures with gas and fire sensors. With a performance of 1000 kW the N1000-59 wind turbine belong... Micron 65 kw , 22 meter (72 ft ) 3 section- tower, 480 volt - 3 phase. Gas turbine engines derive their power from burning fuel in a combustion chamber and using the fast flowing combustion gases to drive a turbine in much the same way as the high pressure steam drives a steam turbine. According to Haldor Topsoe, hydrogenation comprises 48% of total hydrogen consumption, 44% of which is for hydrocracking and hydrotreating in refineries , and 4% for hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons (including hardening of edible oil) and of aromatics, hydrogenation of aldehydes and ketones (for instance oxo-products), and hydrogenation of nitrobezene (for manufacture of aniline). We have extensive experience acquiring processing plants and process lines that require the execution of complex dismantlement, demolition and decommissioning projects. Used Solar Mars 100 SoLoNOx Gas Turbine. Read More. Engine Hours 127,775 hr. This small wind turbine N1000-59 … Print Email. 20 + verwendet Neg Micon 108kW Windkraftanlagen verfügbar zum sofortigen Verkauf. Your company has made the tough decision to close a plant. Used wind turbines . Or, the plant is on leased propert, Hydrogenation is a billion-dollar industry. Our industry focus includes process plants and machinery in the chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, refining, gas processing, power generation, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. 40 Results Found | This Page: 1 of 2. Although the flow pattern in the reactor can be reasonably approximated, the observed kinetics in such a trickle bed reactor are quite often affected by minor unplanned oscillations in the flow. Currency: Sort Order: Featured Listings. We have a large selection of new, used, and surplus turbines, generators, and full power plants for sale. HURRICANE VECTOR 110 VOLT WIND TURBINE GENERATOR KIT 2500 WATT 1000 CONTINUOUS. Wind Generator Turbine … View our entire inventory of New or Used Generators Equipment. Version 10301S. More Info #6810. Almost all used … Completely rebuilt in 2012 with some hours on turbine. 20 Lead Acid Batteries with Charger 24 Volt 30 amp Charger, Single phase input. Call today to receive a quote for one of our gas turbines for sale. Or, you can’t sell it to another company, as you are one of the few suppliers of the product the plant makes, and you don’t want to create a competitor, or improve a competitor’s position. Click here to look at our large range of used … Wind Privacy Policy | Site Map, Buying and Selling Chemical Plants & Equipment, A Common Plant Liquidation Scenario Each Twin-Pack consists of (1) Generator and (2) FT4 A9 gas turbine engines (A or Counter & B or Counter Clock side), which together produce 42 MW. EquipmentTrader.com always has the largest selection of New or Used Generators Equipment for sale … REF MA033217. Generator: Solar Turbines 5300kW/12470V. Hydrocracking & Hydrotreating GENERAC 25 KW. It can be heat sealed and is flexible at room temperature (and low temperature), and in additional to its material properties, Used Power Plants & Power Generation Equipment for Sale, Why Use Phoenix for Your Plant Dismantling & Plant Relocation Needs, Thermoplastics – A Focus on Polyethylene & Polypropylene. It is resistant to moisture and most of the chemicals. Solar Turbines 5200 kW Taurus T60. Delivery, construction/ere... Have 5 seconds to help us improve the results? Phoenix Equipment has for sale used gas turbines and gas turbine generators along with dozens of other used power generation plants. Dresser Rand Compressors (3). We have been doing so since 2003. Secondary Generator: 175 kW turbines still in production today. 1 Phase. Generating Power at 6.6 KV/50 Hz. Up for sale are several used wind turbines of the manufacturer Siemens. Simple-Cycle, Gas Turbine Power Generating Station, dual fuel (natural gas or kerosene), with a twin-pack configuration. The LM2500PE gas generator incorporates a 16-stage axial-flow compressor capable of reaching 18:1 pressure ratio. Capstone Turbine For Sale Global Energy buys and sells used and new surplus Capstone Turbine microturbines.

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